Monday, July 24, 2017

Forced masturbation in the army

After joining the army in 2005, I was doing well like Japan.
One day, I was missing a boss's pants.

At that time, the three officers gathered and brought one person into the repair center
I had a panty check.
It would have been nice if several people came in and showed off their pants.
Because I took off my pants alone, I did not realize that the banana grew bigger.

Then one of the bosses hurt his head and wondered if he was excited about the situation.
Two of the soldiers were drying and telling me I was laughing.

At that time, I was so scared and I had no idea, so I answered yes,
That's what it is.

When I go out on the weekend and play soccer, the bosses take me to the maintenance bay
At first, the officers were laughing, smoking and playing while watching my naked body. I had to talk about situations when I was masturbating alone in society while I was still naked.

I feel like I was tired of playing with each other during such a few weeks.
I thought I was glad I did not have any interest in me anymore.
One of the sergeants went on vacation for the last year and came in with his cell phone.

In a few days after he was discharged, he suddenly called me to the repair shop.
I told him to masturbate and take a video of his cell phone.

In the army, I was masturbating in front of the first bosses.

The milk came out faster than I thought, and one of the bosses ridiculed me for being a rabbit, and while I was taking the video as a whole gift, I shot the whole scene while taking a video, except for putting it in the ass a few times.

I do not know where to spread it.
Fortunately, it did not seem to spread.

It seemed like hell at the time, but it seemed a bit better now.

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