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Tutor training 02

Let's be together with the guy and masturbation, and it will be a really noisy place.

Now I follow me more than my brother and as close as my lover.

I followed the schedule of the boring and persistent test-taking life in my own way.

I also did not go to school because of libido.

At the end of the hard-line running until late at night,

I hugged me from behind and said, "Good-looking brother ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes ~~ hehe "

Now I was more aware of the exquisite flavor of my cock than I am.

"Ya ~ ~ Is not it a tired machine or a tired machine?

I'm giving you a pinch, but already in my mind

And the blood of the excitement was rising in the mind of this guy.

I got used to sleeping and hanging pants in the room.

The thing of the guy is always true even if I always look.

It is hard to bear this thing without sucking it.

I really want to suck .. I want to taste .........

"Hey, have you ever slept with a girl?"

"I do not know what to do with my kids.

I can not even get a meeting like that because the boss is going to do it.


The real thing is that if I grabbed them, they would collapse and bubble. "

"I'm crazy.

Sex is more of an oral sex than a hole in the hole.

I am really dead ... I do not have kids who do girls properly these days "

"How many women did you ring?

I think he's dead because he's a Kingka ...

I need to talk to you.

"They look at you," Brother caress a little bit? "

Then, 'How do you do that?

I do not like it ... but then I reluctantly lick my tongue out.

I must show you that it is death to suck and chew like this.

It's not like that.

It's very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very.

So ......

Not funny...

Born out Tina na ~ ~ "

"Yeah, well, it's just a bunch of stuff ...

Oh, but that's why you suck your cock like that? "

"Are you curious?

Will you do it once? "

"Brother Can you suck me?

Heihhi ~ ~ I'm a little disturbed .. "

"Haha, we get each other's daughters.

If you see everything and you are only good,

I'll show you that this is what I like to do.

"Curiosity always arises.

I've already been like this, but I'll give it to you. "

This curious guy loves and trusts me so much.

The guy who had already tasted the best masturbation of the masturbation seemed to have no masturbation now.

I did not even start, but my eyes were already half-cold and run away.

I was a little nervous and my heart trembled.

In a few months, I will finally be able to put his angry love weapon inside my house.

I wanted to hold the guy in the grip of my horsepower by being madly excited.

Once you have your tongue sticking to the thick pillars of the guy

I was able to suck the guy's head in the rough texture of the back of his tongue.

"Huck ~~~"

He barely prevented the sudden groaning of the leak, and there was tremendous tension and strength throughout his body

'It starts from now.

I'll send you to heaven.

He grasped the inner part of his thighs with both hands and licked and rubbed his fingers just by the movement of his mouth and tongue.

I felt and felt again the tongue curves of the vigorous and harsh blood vessels of the tightly knuckled guy.

The root of the pillar and the body meet the rubbing gently with a tooth and rubbed the neck of the head of the head.

I slowly pistoned very smoothly and gradually increased the speed.

I felt the tenderness of my tight and tough thigh muscles, and I pushed the jungle forest, which was firm and firm, into my mouth and chewed it.

Even the sweet younger guy's sweaty crotch made me nervous.

I wanted to put the balls and suck it up to the anus, but I could not go too far ahead.

It was an object to ask for real tide.

The guy that I was with before did this.

He was a bigger, more muscular guy than he was.

Suddenly he came up.

When he came up, he licked his ass more like crazy.

"Oh ~ ~ I think I'm going crazy .... I love it ... Oh ~~~~~

This is crazy ~ Oh ~ ~ I think I'll turn around "

"Will you stop?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

He was already limp.

I felt the delicacy and jealousness of this Oral that I first felt, and he was drowning in his dreams now.

Now it's time to hit the urethra.

It will be the peak of excitement.

I slightly bite the end of the glans.

"Uhh ~"

His toes were already curled as he bent and his feet were crouched as much as possible, his upper body twisted and twirled, sweating sweating for Oral's excited pleasures of pain.

I was more excited to see the muscles of the chest that swept away by sweat.

My cymbals were already exhausted with excitement and had wet all of the front panties.

I pushed the tip of the tongue into the urethra and chewed it slightly.

"Ahaha ~ ~ ah ~~~~"

I can not help feeling the pleasure of pain

That expression ..... the very expression of satisfaction that the guy

I am building now.

When I saw him groaning and laughing like a crying, I also got more and more crazy.

Now, with his teeth and his lips, he pushed his ass to the piston.

It almost seemed to be almost the same at the peak of his explosion.

"Oh ~ ~ my brother comes out .. I think it is ... ah ~~~"

"Just shy ... in the mouth ..."

I did not want to shed his semen elsewhere in the excitement.

He twisted his upper body, lifting his waist with a hoist.

I wrapped my thighs and buttocks in my arms and pushed my cock deep into my mouth as much as possible.

I felt an intense explosion shock at the back of my neck.

Two or three more explosions followed a powerful explosion.

The taste of the tongue in the taste of the sweet guy 's milk ran through my throat.

The tenderness softened the whole throat and made me feel warm warmth.

He was already broke with sweat and broken like a patient suffering from the flu.

But the smile on the face did not leave.

"Oh ~~~ My brother .... I'm not a joke .... This is a shit ... ~ Let me do it every day ..... Masturbation is not a joke ...."

"Bitch ..... I am going to go .... Do you always stick to your mouth or mouth?"

"But my brother ... I like it so much ... I am your brother. Why are you doing such a good job?

I do not think I can escape from my brother ...... "

"Hey, do not be ridiculous.

I'm excited, so I'll go cheap. "

"My brother ~ will I do it with my mouth?"

"I'm fine ... I'll do it by hand ..."

I once ruled my wandering excitement with my hands.

I poured hot milk over the Kleenex toilet paper.

I also came out so much that I wanted to be serious.

The guy smiles.

"My brother, I have starved a lot ..."

"This kid has nothing to say to his brother ~ ~"

He grabbed his balls as hard as he could ...

"I'm sorry ... I will not ... ah ~~"

We were either priests or brothers ...

I was a friend ....

I do not know if I'm a lover ..........

It became a strange ........



Thank you..

Tutor training 01

It's so cute and cute when you see this big guy who's 98 kilos in 183 centimeters

It is a really strong man who is heavily armed with short sports hair and muscles but when he laughs at my own

The smile of the innocent boy is as it is. I kiss the lips of this asleep bitch.

I met this guy three years ago.

This guy, who was a high school judo player at the time, was a promising prospect. But this guy who was winning

Trial has come. Of course, because of this trial, I was able to meet him.

It may be that good luck is coming.

I tried to avoid trying to beat the opponent 's face. I broke my arm with a wrong landing.
It is an opportunity to enter the university as a special student immediately at the important point of high school 3

The winning performance of the big competition was essential.

But there was no way to do it with a broken right arm. In short, it was despair.

It was uncommon to have a month or two because the joint was broken, and after rehabilitation and adaptation training

It was such a situation that I had to give up this year to pass.

It has become a situation that it is necessary to close the entrance to the specialty student and to find a new way.

I have to go to college with guidance-related department once I get a lot of the score of the scholastic ability of the gel sequel to see how.

A college coach who has always looked at this guy is not going to be able to choose a player

It looks like he's got a lot of headaches, but luckily, after he realizes

I desperately wanted to get into the university after receiving the appropriate level of SAT scores.

At that time I was tutoring one honorary student of the class and after seeing the news

I have a fateful encounter.

At first, I had to take a lot of time and try to decline it, but a big jugu player

When I heard that he was an inquisitor, he came to me with a quick response.

When I saw the photograph of the guy who was taken together during my school trip,

The desire to take charge was intense.

Cute, but intense eyes, the short-sleeved cotton panties out of the guy's huge forearm and chest muscles tight

A swelling warmed me up there.

The night before he met him, he imagined the silhouette of the guy and his figure in the picture

I shook my puffy pussy. Milky liquid spills like a fountain.

It went off.

On the first day of the tutorial we finally came face to face with each other.

My parents were talking to me, but I did not get in my ear.

A really slick and cute face, a huge trio that had one cast but not high school

The biceps have stopped breathing. The contours of the chest and the faintly exposed nipple,

The heavy weapon of the towering bulge in the middle of cotton sweating .........

One of them was missed at once.

"Good morning, you look good.

"Haha .. Yes .. Nice to meet you .. Wow ~ But my brother is really handsome ... Talent?"

I usually put a certain amount of muscle on my body, and I am popular with girls because of their clean and clear eyes.

There were many. This guy also has a pretty good impression of my appearance.

I was excited by the expectation that things would be easier.

On the first day, he had to test his skill to some extent.

Many of them were too weak because they were exercising. Fortunately, it was not so bad.

The grades were half-to-medium and the basics were somewhat understandable.

I was sure that it would be a bit of a dark private tutoring if it was a complete boom.

We snapped at each other. Witty to say, various social interests, a little slang

I also had a fun time and a fun time.

However, that day, the contents of the study to be digested must be kept and injected.

It is because once you have to admit that you have to go to college, you can go to a better relationship.

My body grew stronger as I grew more and more with him.
The guy seems to be a general person, but how to bring it to my fence is the key.
Because I taught him in his room, sometimes he's wearing a pajamas

When I stepped out in front of my desk in my triangular panties, my bat swung heavily.
The moment was a time of torture that could not work anywhere.
Looking at the thighs and calf muscles of a great old tree like a tree, I literally had to rub it between my legs.
The cracked thigh muscles seemed like a fresh prey for me.
When I was not able to understand the problem well, I pulled it from behind the back of my chest, gently tucked my neck, clutched my chest with my hands, and filled my desire with jokes.

I also arrived at his house with a joyful heart for the tutoring, and a lack of lust for the unfulfilled.
It was Saturday evening, and everyone in the family seemed to have gone out to dinner.

We were alone in the room of the boy because of the position of the guy to be all-in for the SAT and to the pride of the person who cherishes the meeting with me rather than eating out.

While I was studying, I had a bitter sweat in my body.

"Hey, why do you smell like this?

"Ai .. Brother ...

I can not take a shower properly since I have an arm.

Especially since I have not been able to soap my left arm armpit.

I'm too frustrated ...
I do not know what to do. I do not know what to do.

Let's take a shower with your brother. I'll rub it tight. Are you selling to your brother? "

"Oh really, I do not ... Haha ... there is nothing to sell to you.

I'm dying and I'm dying.

Why did not I think of that?

When I talked to him, he was fit to the situation, and finally he wanted to see his naked body.

Suddenly a hot current flowed in the middle of me.

I took off his clothes from the shower and I took off.

Throbbing breasts and thighs ... It's been a few weeks since I've had a bad workout.

But his body was still art.

It is the muscular mass of a strong teenager I always imagined.

The saliva swept away.

The lower end of his jungle forest was heavily laid out with a large head of glans.

His excitement was full of glans.

"It's nice to have a body and a brother, do you have a systematically healthy body?

"I think it's better than you, before you hit your arm, would you be great?"

"It was much worse then.

I'm dead a bit now, but if I start again, I'll be back soon.

There are other ways to continue exercising these days.

If you do not do it all, you're dead. "

I turned on the cold shower water and rubbed it with a towel while I was lying on the floor.

He was sleeping because he was ticklish, but I had no mind to put down a heart that was pounding and rocking.

As I was surnamed in the sphincter, I wanted to grow like crazy.

There was a limit to tolerance, but it was dying.

Finally, he applied soap to his jungle forest and covered it with a towel.

He grabbed his glans and glanced over his balls and rubbed gently between the anus.

"Oh ~~~!"

The sound of the little boy moaned, and at some point, he slowly and suddenly shook his things.

Then he got up completely, stiffed his head firmly, and cast a castle.

The guy who laughed at me as if he was not cute, "Hehe, brother ... I have not been able to see my daughter for a while.

I rub it lightly with a towel.

I can not do it. I want to be cheap and I'm dying ... "

'How can I do it? I'll suck it. Do not worry, I'll suck you crazy.

I shouted in my mind.

"I'll fix it with my left hand as well."

"Hey, this guy is big and you're threatening me ..."

"Come on, I'll let you go."

"Oh ~ ~ You'll have to ...

It's an ogre ... Brother. What kind of feeling does your good-looking brother give you? "

He was not surprised.

It seems to follow me and like that much.

The soap stuck in his hands, stimulating his glans.

The boy, gently closed his eyes, was nervous about his nose.

Then he grabbed his pillar and grabbed his flesh and held it up and down.

If you do not have masturbation or sex for a while, the head of the glans head is going to get stiff.

When I pulled the fatigue as much as possible, I feel a lot of excitement when I feel like I'm getting tired. The sound of the high tone of the guy just burst out.

"Uhh ~~~"

With his left arm, he grabbed his opulent thigh and grabbed his roots with his right hand and continued to pistil strongly.

No one was there, and he groaned as much as he could.

"Oh ~ ~ Oh ~ ~ I feel great. Oh ~ ~ I love it ~ ~"

My angry penis has been swollen for a long time.

I did not feel a huge amount of prostate fluid flowing down.

It's been a long time since I've already been nervous about my place.

I can not bump it, but I am excited to see it. Now, in Lee Sang-tae, only his big, enchanting penis came into my eyes.

The stuff was huge as big as a huge guy.

At least 20 centimeters was enough, but the more surprising thing was the hermaphrodite body that fills in my hand.

The bigger and bigger the sneaker strap, the bigger the swelling of the blood vessels and the bigger the black head that was not too big and changed into black, the temptation was incredible without putting it in your mouth.

I wanted to suck like crazy.

I wanted to rub his wild tongue veins with my rough tongue.

The guy seemed to be in the limelight only with my hand.

"Oh ~ ~ my brother is a little more ~ ​​~ I feel like ~ ~

I do not want to fight right away, but I took a break and got some rest.

At the same time, he was controlling me because he was so excited.

"Hey, it's a big brother, really big ... I can not do it because my brother is sick"

"Hehe .. I'm sober ...

Oh, but your brother's a real daughter.

I feel good ...

It's another taste with my hands.

It's been a while since I've been doing so,

"Hey you, stay there ... Oh, my sister ... I'll do it once"

"Come ~ ~ Heihi ~ Funny ... lol I'm wondering how the good-looking brother masturbate .."

"Hey dude ... I do not have the same masturbation ... I wonder ..."

I licked my thigh and licked my penis.

I was so excited that the prostate gnawed as if it were just like rice.

I could not sell it right away, and I managed to control it.

He turned his head over to see what was happening beyond the bed.

I rubbed it with the proper moaning as sexy and pussy as possible

It seemed to be a little backward explosion at a certain time timing.

At that moment, I grabbed my hand with my left hand and grasped the thing with my right hand.

It was still hard and tough. I waved both hands with both hands.

"Oh ~ ~ Oh ~ ~ Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh ~ ah ~ I will explode ..... ah ~~~~~"

We sprayed a huge white fountain every few seconds.

"Oh ~ ah ~ ah ~" he nodded a few times, his upper body nodded.

The real semen that I have endured has poured into my thighs and floors.

My semen also ran on the guy's left shoulder and poured out to the floor.

"Oh ~ ~ I'm really going .. I feel like a drug right ... Wow ~ ~ I'm awesome ..... ah ~~"

"Yeah ... Huck huh ~ ~"

I wiped the semen off his face and put it in my mouth so that he would not notice.

The white semen of the young athlete's guy felt somehow fresh and sweet.

I turned to the tongue in my mouth and tasted enough to taste.

It seemed like he was going to rob a guy once more without doing so.

My stuff is still living and breathing ........

We rinsed the masturbation with cold water again and finished the shower safely.

That day the tutoring could not be done properly.

I do not know if I've ever seen her daughter's feelings and her body sexy again,

My brother was playing some kind of joke.

I shared this dynamic masturbation

Still, he was the general of a bloodied teenager.

However, I thought that a very small watercourse was squeezed.

At least I do not have a reluctance to touch each other's objects naked.

After that, I showered each other occasionally and grabbed the guy's things.

Every time he was consistent with the excitement of shaking his body

I was able to rub his body even more freely.

So I touched the body of the boy so little and I was comforted.

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