Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gym ( Fitness Type 3)

The day has brightened

My brother and I got up in bed as the sunlight shone through the window.
After all, I did not sleep properly. It was a bit of a disappointment.

Brother: Have you slept well? Did not you feel uncomfortable sleeping?

I: Yes, it was fine.

Brother: Did not you get tired of me while I was sleeping?

B: I do not know. I do not have a mind to have a baby. Why?

I pretended not to know.

Brother: Oh ... I have to sleep. I have to strok a lot of boats when I sleep.

I: To your girlfriend?

Brother: Yeah .... In the past ... Taemin has a girlfriend?

Me: No. do not have

Brother: Why? It looks cute, and girls like it.

Even though it was an unimaginable state, I was thrilled again.

Me: Somma has a girl.

At that time I asked if there was a girlfriend and she lied that she had a girl.
I did not want to talk about my girlfriend.
When she asks about the woman, she replies, "I'll tell you when it's all right."

Brother: I see.

My brother and I have not talked about his girlfriend since.

That day I fell asleep as soon as I returned home.
I fell asleep though.
I already missed him.

Because the gym did not open the door on Sunday
I waited for it to be Monday.

The weekend passed and I headed to the gym in the evening.
There were many people on weekday evenings.
Even though there were many people, my eyes could find my brother at once.
No matter how cool my brother was, I could see my brother even though he had a nice body.

My brother was working out with a headset.

Me: Good morning.

Brother: Oh Taemin, are you here?

He took off his headset and laughed at me.

I felt so good with my brother.

At first, I was just glad to greet my brother.
After he fell in love, greed began to emerge.

I started going to the gym in the evening.

I wanted to be closer with my brother and wanted to stay longer.

However, the time with you is in the gym
There was no other way to talk for a while while exercising.


One Friday evening,

I was encouraged by my cheerful gym.

B: If you're okay, would you like a drink today?

Brother: I'm sorry, I have an appointment today.

I: Yes, I'll do it next time. Are you going to exercise tomorrow?

Brother: I do not think I can.

And on another Friday evening,

I: Do not you have a drink today?

Shit: I'm sorry. My brother is busy these days ...

I: ... I can not help it.

(Do not you want to stay with me ...)

I fell in love with my brother and I was so hated.

And a few days later

My brother was thrilled with the idea and went to the gym without fail.
I went to change clothes in the locker room.
His brother was not seen.

The next day ...

The next day ...


I did not see it.

(I do not see my brother these days ...)

I wanted to see you.

What is he doing now?
Can I think of it?
I had a lot of days when I could not exercise well because of my brother.

My breasts were empty.
I wanted to get a bout of sickness.

Then one day

Thinking about your brother, going home after finishing the exercise.
It was time to leave the gym.

I met my brother at the entrance of the gym.

Me: Uh, Seoyun Lee ?!

Brother: Uh, Taemin.

I was so happy to have you.
The words I wanted to see came up to my throat and I barely stopped.

B: Why did not you go to the gym for the time being?

Brother: I'm busy with work these days and come to work out late at night. Are you exercising?

I: Yes.

Ryuu: Okay then, be careful.

Me: Yes.

He entered the gym.




My brother did not want to see me in the meantime.

I have a lot to say to you.

Does your brother have anything to say to me ...

He looked different.

His voice, his tone, his expression,
Something seemed different.

I became aware of the reality of the situation and situation of my brother on that day.

You should not like your brother ...

I can not go to the gym late at night if I want to see you.
He did not think of me as much as I thought of him. Of course it is ...

My heart hurt.

I was always a stranger

I liked it alone without knowing it, and I was sick and alone and had to organize it by myself.

My brother and I spent time seemed to be a midsummer night's dream.

I could not tell anyone who wanted to talk about this situation.

I could not see him after that.

And after a while

I was working under the acquaintance.
The place to work was far from home.

So I was living alone in another area far away from home.
I was so busy keeping up with work.
It has been a long time since I forgot my brother.

When I'm alone in the room after work
I did not have a family, and I did not know anyone around me, so I just touched my cell phone.

At that time, I found a gay app while searching for a gay on the internet.

When I first launched the gay app, it was a new world.
I was surprised that there are many hunan, gomjang gay around.

When I was in the room, I kept looking for the app for a few days.

Then I started to see people in the app
I came to know a little about this.

On such a day, I went to and from my house occasionally and spent a year alone.

I do not think what I do afterwards is inappropriate for me.
I quit my job and returned home.

As a pauper, I turned on the gay app at home.

I've been home a few times, but I have never seen a gay app at home.

I set my profile picture to black
I looked at the profiles of the surrounding gay people one by one.

People who often encountered when going to school, unfamiliar school alumni, etc.

It was amazing to see a few familiar faces.

(This guy was gay too ...)

I did not know how to spend time and focused on the app.
And I was puzzled by the appearance of another familiar face.


It's your brother ... Seoyun Lee ...

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