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Fitness gym

The advantage of a place called a gym is that you can exercise and watch your body while exercising.
Not only that, but also because I have the opportunity to see the naked of my body, I feel expectation and irritation when I go to the gym.

A few years ago I was in the army and returned to college.

I had a body that was dry before enlistment, and I gained proper muscle and weight through regular life and exercise in the army. However, when I came back to school and adjusted to school life, my weight began to fall gradually.

At the time, I was a naive and timid gay rider who searched for gay, domestic, etc. On the site xx, xxx, etc, which I did not know anything related to these things.

The gym, which is only 15 minutes walk from home, has a university nearby, and there are many young men and women as well as uncles and aunts in the evening. There were a few hanamn, a body. However, the eye is good, but there are a lot of people waiting for the apparatus to take a long time and did not exercise properly.

So I started to exercise in the morning from the next day. The morning gym was much cheaper than the evening.
There were a couple of young men, a few young women, and no young women at all. There were people who were notable even in such a small number of people.

He was over 180 and had a tall, thick thigh attached to his headset and running a running machine.
He sweats so hard that his sweat sweats all over his sweatshirt. He has come down with a towel on his running machine wiping his sweat off his face.

I watched the front of the person in the mirror while doing the fitness equipment in front of him.
The man, who had a manly pleasing appearance and a short sporting hairstyle, was a typical body image. It was cool.

After that I went to the gym with a little nervousness to see him.
When he arrived at the gym, he was always running a running machine with his headset on.
When the person is doing the treadmill and doing other exercises, I look at the mirror and pretend to exercise and watch him.

Another advantage of the gym was that it was not like this. The mirrors on the wall are all sticking together, so you can not look at them. However, sometimes it can be confusing if you meet your eyes ...

The man really worked hard. I was ready to go home after I finished my workout and I was still exercising.

When I was at the gym, I had a 170 - year -

Then one day I arrived at the gym at the same time as usual and was taking off my top coat to change into a sportswear in the locker room. I heard someone coming out of the shower room. I turned my head to the shower without any thought.


That was him.


At the moment I looked at the person and turned his gaze. And he even changed his top coat.
I saw it for a while, but his body was really sexy. Thick arm muscles, thick thighs and stuff ...

I took off my pants to change my pants and a voice came from behind.

"Are you a student?"

I changed my pants and turned my head.

Me: Yes? Yes.

When he turned his head, he was in his underwear.
Looking back, my body was really sexy. The actor in the wild ..
It was not clear, but there was a little abs.

The man put on his clothes and talked to me.

That guy: Ah xx Are you from university?

Me: No. I am oo university.

He: Oh, what grade are you in?

Me: That second grade. Because I am a college student, I only go to this year and graduate.

The man: Yes. How old are you?

Me: That's 24 years old. How old are you?

He: I'm 28 years old.

Me: Oh, then the worker ...?

He: No, I'm a graduate student.

Me: Yes.

He: So you're going to school?

I: I'll be right there by your train.

He: Yes.

I: No. I live with my family.

He: Is the house close to the gym?

I: Yes. What about 10 minutes on foot?


It was too sudden, so I talked to him rather than talk.

Him: So be patient.

I: Goodbye.

I felt so good that exercise was so good.

I saw his ... No, his brother's body, and he had a conversation.

After that, my brother and I became a greeting.

Me: How are you?

Brother: Good morning!

He always greeted me kindly.

When my brother first saw me, he approached me and greeted me with all my heart.

And then he put on the headset again and exercised.

Sometimes when I'm in the wrong position,

I would come first and let you know.

Brother: When I do a bench press, I spread my arms so that the force is dispersed and there is not much stimulation in my chest.
If you open your arms like this, your chest gets a good stimulus.

I: Thank you.

Brother: Please try it.

He showed me a friendly demonstration.
His brother was lying on the bench to show the demonstration.
The outline of my brother's chest muscles and things on clothes ... sexy.
Not only that, but also the voices were not so heavy, and they were nice because they were of a moderate-sized male voice.
I was so excited when my brother touched my body to get my posture.

Since then, I have decided to let the bench press know for a long time.

After being greeted with my brother
When I was at home, I used to imagine a giggle at the gym,

I was in the shower with my eyes, so I started to move,
I used to imagine the situations I would have seen in the wild, and I would have done my own comfort.

Then, the term end examination was approaching already.

Because I was in the last semester, I had to work on the preparation of the graduation and the final assignment.

I was busy and I could not go to the gym for over a month.

After the final exam period, I went to the gym for a long time.

The chairman of the fitness club greeted me gladly after a long absence.

Boss: Oh Taemin (pseudonym) It's been a long time. What has been going on?

I: I've been busy for a while.

Boss: Really? I was worried. So you start exercising again today?

I: Yes.

The boss is an older man in his late 40s who is always friendly.
When I go home after workout, I sometimes eat vitamin drinks, bread, soy milk,
There was a lot of God who helped me.

Boss: Seoyun (pseudonym) found you

Me: Seoyun? Who is he?

Boss: You know. Tall and short hair

Me: I know ..

It was his brother.

(Oh .. his brother 's name was Seoyun ... I did not know his name in the meantime ..)

That day I first knew his brother's name.

Boss: Seoyun asked me if I did not see you these days, did not go to the gym. Can I have your number?

Me: Yes? No. When you exercise, you'll face it.

My brother found me ... I felt good.
But the numbers seemed to be something.
The boss suddenly asked me, and I thought that he would greet me all the time
I did not receive it.

Boss: Yes.

I: Thank you.

I changed clothes in the locker room and went out.
His brother was not seen.

(You've already done a workout.)

I have not seen his brother for a while since that day.

I thought about asking you about your brother.
It was just a silent exercise that I wanted to get to sea.

Then one Friday

I do not want to exercise too much that day.
I put off to the gym in the evening.

Because of the money, the gym was free.

I wanted to be able to exercise.

At that time, a loud voice came from behind.

"Good morning."

It was brother.

He laughed at me.

Me: Good morning.

Brother: It 's been a while. I feel a little better between Ahnborn.

Me: No. I have eaten a lot of alcohol these days.

Brother: It looks like this muscle.

I: I do not have your promise. Your brother is a lump.

Brother: Yes, I do not have an appointment today.

Me: Oh, but are you coming out this time?

Brother: Oh yes, I was working. I'm an office worker.

Me: Oh yes.

So brother and I shared a simple regard and started each exercise.

He started running the treadmill with his headset as usual.

After a long time, his appearance was nothing like the old one. It was cool.
The muscles that are still contoured in the clothes of the shortest sports hairstyle ..
I wanted to.

I greeted my brother to prepare to go home after the exercise.

I: Let me just go.

He dropped the device he was using and turned his head off taking off his headset.

Brother: Ah. Will you go?

I: Yes, please do your best.

Brother: Excuse me.

Me: Yes?

Brother: Would you like a drink with me if you like?

Me: Yes?

Brother: I have a call but I have no appointment and I am sorry.

Me: Oh, yes. Ok.

I was so drunk with my brother.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

My brother and I decided to take a drink and took off their clothes in the locker room and headed to the shower.
I wanted to see his body while taking off his clothes in the dressing room, but he was so close that I could not see him secretly.

It was good to think that I showered with my brother though.
I imagined that my brother and I were facing each other.

But as I walked into the shower, several people were showering, and my fantasy just broke.

My brother and I went to each empty room and took a shower.
I watched the back of the mirror reflected in the shower while I was in the shower.

With wide back and towering butt .... sexy.

How can I be so cool?

I wanted to go back to my brother's back.

First of all, my brother went out of the shower room.
Because there were people in the locker room, my brother and I went out quietly dressed silently.

Tsuru: Is there going to xx university?

I: Yes. Ok

Brother: Do you know a well-known pub?

I: No. I do not come near xx often.

Brother: Then there is a place I know. Would you like to go there?

I: Yes. Ok.

Brother and I headed to xx university.

Brother: Do you like alcohol?

I: I do not drink well but I like it.

Brother: What about cigarettes?

I: I do not. What about you?

Brother: I do not. I really do not like cigarettes.

I: Yes. Is your house near school?

Brother: Yes. It's right next to the school.


It took more than ten minutes to walk to school while talking.
There was a lot of people near the school because it was money.

My brother and I arrived at the bar was not that big.
So there were a lot of guests from both South and South,
It was a bar where I could not eat with my brother.

My brother and I took a seat and ordered drinks and snacks.

Tsuru: Then I saw the name I did not see. What is your name?

B: I am Kim Tae - min (pseudonym). What is your brother's name?

He knew his name but pretended not to know.
If you do not give me your name,
I thought it was weird ...

Brother: I'm Lee Se - yun (pseudonym).

I: Please relax. I'm your sister.

Brother: Yes.

My brother and I had a drink and had a conversation.
He was calm and energetic when he spoke.
It was not too lively or too quiet.
There was a lot of laughter, and when I laughed, my face was cute.

I: I always wear a headset when I work out. Are you listening to the song?

Ryu: Yeah, why?

Me: No ... I thought the gym was loud and blocked with a headset.

Brother: Oh, the gym music is not my taste.

I: Listen to what music?

Brother: I'm a pop song. I like pop songs.

Me: What kind? Can I listen to it?

He took out his cell phone and played the music and handed it to me.

Tsuru: Listen to the earphones. Can I borrow mine?

I: It's okay. I have that earphone.

I took out my earphone and plugged it into my brother's cellphone and listened to the song.

It's because I've got alcohol in my body.

That's what your brother listens to.

The song was good to hear. I wanted to keep listening.

Not at this time, but I was an ordinary man's love-loving enthusiast.
I fell in love with my brother in the cool figure of his brother and calm and caring personality.

When I saw his cell phone, I wanted to ask about his brother's number, but I thought I did not have time yet.

I: When I first saw you, I thought I was a big boy.

Brother: I thought you were a soldier when you first saw it.

Me: Yes?

Brother: My head was really short. I thought it was a soldier on vacation.

Me: Ahh ha ha, are you short hair?

My brother remembers my first appearance ...
I fell in love with her brother, and I was happy with her words.

I did not know how much time was spent drinking with my brother.
So brother and I drank until the second tea.

At that time, I was in a state of drunkenness,
The most alcohol in the life of the alcohol went well.
If you drank from your current state until the second time with your brother
I would have already fallen.

After drinking tea, I went out and there was a lot of people on the street.

My brother and I were drunk to some extent.

Me: Goodbye.

I wanted to stay with my older brother but greeted him first.

Brother: Taemin, how long does it take you to get home from here?

Me: It takes me about 30 minutes to walk.

Xx To go home from university, you have to go through the gym.
It took about 30 minutes.

Brother: far. Do not do it, but sleep in your house.

Me: Yes? Will not my family feel uncomfortable?

Brother: It 's okay. I live alone.

I: Do you like it?

Type: Yes

I could not imagine going to your house.
I walked with my brother and I wanted this dream.
Your brother and the shower?
It was good but it was something strange.

His brother's house was close to school.
There was a church next to the school.
There were many houses. One of them was your brother's house.

My brother's house was quite spacious and clean.
The beds, the desks, the clothes, etc. were well organized.
The sink also did not have washing dishes or garbage around.

Me: Wow, your house is really clean.

S: Yes?

I: Yes. When I go to school, my friends always get dirty and sometimes I clean them.

Brother: Taemin is nice.

Even in a word of praise,
I was thrilled.

Tsuru: Let's go to bed. I chopped off the floor.

I: I feel uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. Just sleep with you.

I would not have been able to get it if I had not drunk.

Brother: You two should be uncomfortable ...

I: It's okay.

The bed was in close contact with the walled room.

After briefly washing hands and feet

Turn off the lights.

I lay on the wall first
My brother lay next to me.

The bed was uncomfortable because the two men were too small to lie down.
I turned to the wall so that my brother was not inconvenienced and lay down aside.

And that you are lying with your brother
I was excited in my mind.

So I was sleeping on my side.

But when it comes to sleeping
There was a buzzing sound from behind.

It was the sound of his brother moving.
My brother turned and approached me.

He stretched out his foot between his feet.

The younger brother and the younger were crossed and abutted.

And my brother's chest clinged to my back.
My brother 's hand grabbed into my clothes on my back.

My body was put back in my brother 's arms.

My heart began to tremble and my stuff began to respond.

I was still.

My brother 's hand climbed up into my coffin and stroked my belly.

Just like a mother touches a belly child's belly ....

My things got harder.

His hand stroked my stomach several times and stopped. And I was still standing on my stomach.

(What is ... a sleeping bag ..)

I'm going to have my hands on my stuff that's hard under my belly.
I wanted to move it, but that did not happen.

I thought I'd lie back in the direction of my brother and hold him in his arms.
I did not do such a crazy thing as to wake my brother.

Still, it was as good as it was in your brother's arms.

Behind me

My brother's breast muscle and arm muscle ...

And my brother 's warm body temperature and breath were so good.

There is a wall where the room is quiet and can not see anything in front of me
I could concentrate on my brother 's barely without worrying about other things.

It was so warm.

I do not know how long you've been in your brother 's arms.

One hour felt like a minute.

I put my hand in the hands of my brother in my position.

(.... I hope the time has stopped here .....)

That day I could not sleep until the day was bright.

I want to continue to enjoy the happiness of this moment ....

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

The day has brightened

My brother and I got up in bed as the sunlight shone through the window.
After all, I did not sleep properly. It was a bit of a disappointment.

Brother: Have you slept well? Did not you feel uncomfortable sleeping?

I: Yes, it was fine.

Brother: Did not you get tired of me while I was sleeping?

B: I do not know. I do not have a mind to have a baby. Why?

I pretended not to know.

Brother: Oh ... I have to sleep. I have to strok a lot of boats when I sleep.

I: To your girlfriend?

Brother: Yeah .... In the past ... Taemin has a girlfriend?

Me: No. do not have

Brother: Why? It looks cute, and girls like it.

Even though it was an unimaginable state, I was thrilled again.

Me: Somma has a girl.

At that time I asked if there was a girlfriend and she lied that she had a girl.
I did not want to talk about my girlfriend.
When she asks about the woman, she replies, "I'll tell you when it's all right."

Brother: I see.

My brother and I have not talked about his girlfriend since.

That day I fell asleep as soon as I got home.
I fell asleep though.
I already missed him.

Because the gym did not open the door on Sunday
I waited for it to be Monday.

The weekend passed and I headed to the gym in the evening.
There were many people on weekday evenings.
Even though there were many people, my eyes could find my brother at once.
No matter how cool my brother was, I could only see my brother even though I had a good body.

My brother was working out with a headset.

Me: Good morning.

Brother: Oh Taemin, are you here?

He took off his headset and laughed at me.

I felt so good with my brother.

At first, I was just glad to greet my brother.
After he fell in love, greed began to emerge.

I started going to the gym in the evening.

I wanted to be closer with my brother and wanted to stay longer.

However, the time with you is in the gym
There was no other way to talk for a while while exercising.


One Friday evening,

I was encouraged by the cheerfulness of the gym.

B: If you're okay, would you like a drink today?

Brother: I'm sorry, I have an appointment today.

I: Yes, I'll do it next time. Are you going to exercise tomorrow?

Brother: I do not think I can.

And on another Friday evening,

I: Do not you have a drink today?

Shit: I'm sorry. My brother is busy these days ...

I: ... I can not help it.

(Do not you want to stay with me ...)

I fell in love with you and I was so hated.

And a few days later

My brother was thrilled with the idea and went to the gym without fail.
I went to change clothes in the locker room.
His brother was not seen.

The next day ...

The next day ...


I did not see it.

(I do not see my brother these days ...)

I wanted to see you.

What is he doing now?
Can I think of it?
I had a lot of days when I could not exercise well because of my brother.

My breasts were empty.
I wanted to get a bout of sickness.

Then one day

Thinking about your brother, going home after finishing the exercise.
It was time to leave the gym.

I met my brother at the gym entrance.

Me: Uh, Seoyun Lee ?!

Brother: Uh, Taemin.

I was so happy to have you.
The words I wanted to see came up to my throat and I barely stopped.

B: Why did not you go to the gym for the time being?

Brother: I'm busy with work these days and come to work out late at night. Are you exercising?

I: Yes.

Ryuu: Okay then, be careful.

Me: Yes.

He entered the gym.




My brother did not want to see me in the meantime.

I have a lot to say to you.

Does your brother have anything to say to me ...

He looked different.

His voice, his tone, his expression,
Something seemed different.

I became aware of the reality of the situation and situation of my brother on that day.

You should not like your brother ...

I can not go to the gym late at night if I want to see you.
He did not think of me as much as I thought of him. Of course it is ...

My heart hurt.

I was always a stranger

I liked it alone without knowing it, and I was sick and alone and had to organize it by myself.

My brother and I spent time seemed to be a midsummer night's dream.

I could not tell anyone who wanted to talk about this situation.

I could not see him after that.

For a while I was awaiting my heart to try to solve the problem.

And after a while

I was working under the acquaintance.
The place to work was far from home.

So I was living alone in another area far away from home.
I was so busy keeping up with work.
It has been a long time since I forgot my brother.

When I'm alone in the room after work
I did not have a family, and I did not know anyone around me, so I just touched my cell phone.

At that time, I found a gay app while searching for a gay on the internet.

When I first launched the gay app, it was a new world.
I was surprised that there are many hunan, gomjang gay around.

When I was in the room, I kept looking for the app for a few days.

Then I started to see people in the app
I came to know a little about this.

On such a day, I went to and from my house occasionally and spent a year alone.

I do not think what I do afterwards is inappropriate for me.
I quit my job and returned home.

As a pauper, I turned on the gay app at home.

I've been home a few times, but I have never seen a gay app at home.

I set my profile picture to black
I looked at the profiles of the surrounding gay people one by one.

People who often encountered when going to school, unfamiliar school alumni, etc.

It was amazing to see a few familiar faces.

(This guy was gay too ...)

I did not know how to spend time and focused on the app.
And I was puzzled by the appearance of another familiar face.


It's your brother ... Seoyun Lee ...

There was a picture of his brother.

It was a picture taken in profile.
At first I thought I was a resemblance.

But no matter how I look at him.

This app is so stealing that I thought it was a theft.

But the distance, age, height,

The background of the picture of the body which I looked at the mirror with the mosaic of the face was the fitness room I attended.


Profile details that are quite specific

Pop songs ... non-smoking .... etc.

It was definitely Seoyun Lee.

(This was the mold too ....)

I was surprised that the person I liked was this way.

I took a look at your brother's profile.
I was hesitant to see what my brother wrote about his favorite style.

It was similar to my appearance.


I pressed on the profile menu of my brother.

(What should I do ..)

Suddenly I was scared. I do not know why I was scared.


I was sorry for you.

I recall the time I spent with my brother, and all the situations became understandable.

Why did not you notice that your eyes, words, and actions you showed me were expressions of interest to me ...

Why did you think it was just your character?

I liked you but I could not express my heart.
I was just fooling at your interest.

I regret.

I'll be a little more active ...
You'll get it when the boss gives you a number ...
Do not lie to your brother that there's a woman ...

I press Back of my phone
I pressed the profile menu again.


was pressed.


I am a little earlier
If I had known about this ...


If the

In reality

As men say they like women

If it was natural to say that a man likes a man

Even if I did not know anything about this,

Whether you were here or not

Could not you confess my heart to your brother ...

The times associated with my brother left me with memories of staring.


I do not go to the gym now.

It is not because of brother.

If you come across your brother accidentally, you'll be thrilled with your brother's appearance.
I am going to conceal this thing and say hello kindly.

Because I just want to ...

If you see Eagle or on what occasions I'm here
What if I meet you while I know you are here?

That's when I'll think about it.

Anyway, the reason I do not go to the gym is one.

There is no air conditioner.

The gym is too hot in summer because it does not have air conditioning.
There is a fan, but it is too hard to exercise in the summer.

If the air conditioner is in the gym, I might go again ...


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