Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gym ( Fitness Type 4) Last

There was a picture of his brother.

It was a picture taken in profile.
At first I thought I was a resemblance.

But no matter how I look at him.

This app is so stealing that I thought it was a theft.

But the distance, age, height,

The background of the picture of the body which I looked at the mirror with the mosaic of the face was the fitness room I attended.


Profile details that are fairly specific

Pop songs ... non-smoking .... etc.

It was definitely Seoyun Lee.

(This was the mold too ....)

I was surprised that the person I liked was this way.

I took a look at your brother's profile.
I was hesitant to see what my brother wrote about his favorite style.

It was similar to my appearance.


I pressed on the profile menu of my brother.

(What should I do ..)

Suddenly I was scared. I do not know why I was scared.


I was sorry for you.

I recall the time I spent with my brother, and all the situations became understandable.

Why did not you notice that your eyes, words, and actions you showed me were expressions of interest to me ...

Why did you think it was just your character?

I liked you but I could not express my heart.
I was just fooling at your interest.

I regret.

I'll be a little more active ...
You'll get it when the boss gives you a number ...
Do not lie to your brother that there's a woman ...

I press Back of my phone
I pressed the profile menu again.


was pressed.


I am a little earlier
If I had known about this ...


If the

In reality

As men say they like women

If it was natural to say that a man likes a man

Even if I did not know anything about this,

Whether you were here or not

Could not you confess my heart to your brother ...

The times associated with my brother left me with memories of staring.


I do not go to the gym now.

It is not because of brother.

If you come across your brother accidentally, you'll be thrilled with your brother's appearance.
I am going to conceal this thing and say hello kindly.

Because I just want to ...

If you see Eagle or on what occasions I'm here
What if I meet you while I know you are here?

That's when I'll think about it.

Anyway, the reason I do not go to the gym is one.

There is no air conditioner.

The gym is too hot in summer because it does not have air conditioning.
There is a fan, but it is too hard to exercise in the summer.

If the air conditioner is in the gym, I might go back ...

Thank you. That's it..

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