Wednesday, June 21, 2017

From Sueon-dong Jewelry Sauna

I went to the weekend last weekend. (As if it was Saturday)

I have been to Suwon-dong Jewel Sauna 4 times or 5 times in the meantime but I have never encountered good people in general sense. I think that I am lucky if I have a 40-60s older man and a grandfather, and sometimes I have 20s or 30s, but I feel like I've only seen a lot of young people. . As soon as I entered the nachishi, I went to the bulk muscle boots.

I went to the shower on the left side (inside) of the bathroom door to get a shower, but there are many places where it is broken and even though the switch to control the water temperature is selected, He said to me. I was a bit puzzled, but I just went in and took a shower. As you can see, there was a shower of slim muscles around 20 in the corner. And beside it, on the other side of the 4-50 Uncle was so unnatural that I was washing it was attached.
I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. I do not think there is anything wrong with giving me a glimpse of it.
The 20 men were washed out, and the men who were taking the shower went out all at once, and the uncle who was taking a shower at the entrance side scuttled and wiped his body. Almost at the train level ... Oh, I knew this was the way to go when a nice person comes. Anyway, I went to the sleeping room slowly.

Inside everyone is exploring. I can hear the sideways. I went inside the first place, and sat up and looked around, and there was someone sitting there like me. I do not know if it feels like me, but he seems to be looking at me. But his hand is crossing the side. I got an intuition that someone was touching me, so I went to the seat next to the person I was sitting with. But as soon as I got there, the person who was sitting was banging up and moving to the top corner. But it seems that this guy and the others have been in the shower room.

Billion ... I thought it was a common man, but my gay guy was a total junk. I was one of the middle-aged men who had been sitting in the twenties while I was sitting nearby. Anyway, middle-aged people also move to the inside of the bed. I followed the idea of just going to see it. However, when the middle-aged man peeked at the middle-aged man, his hands touched him and he returned to his original place. The middle-aged person chased me again. I also chased as if I had been chased. Ha ... what is his muscle ...

Low / middle-aged / middle-aged

I just covered my dick with the towel left and lay still.
The middle-aged person stretched out his hand and touched it.
Well ... I guess he was cheeky.
It was different from my muscles that were full of fat ...
Anyway, I was touched by both of them.
At the moment I was so tired of it that I held my hand.
I should say that I feel bad while doing bad things. Then again, the hands of the lower half came out.
I was determined to be rejected, stroked, tweaked my nipples, touched my arm muscles like a stone, and luckily I did not.
I guess I only needed 20 minutes. Anyway, I took my courage and sent my hands down.
As I said before, he was covering his cock with a towel,
I rubbed it on the towel and rubbed it tightly, so my breath became rough.
It felt more exciting than just laying something off.
I had a full erection at this point, but halfway through the middle of my life, I was stuck in the middle of the night - something that I stopped and stopped for a few moments.
On the way, I pulled off the towel and got off.
His dick was a little bent, but his grip was good and hard.
I felt excited, and it seemed to me that the excitement had spread to me.
I do not really like it because I do not have much experience and I can not do it well. I thought that I want to suck it first.

I moved to the inside again when I dropped the car.
However, the middle-aged person came along again, and after a while, the younger man stabbed him and fucked him.
Because of this, the middle-aged man of will and gentleness fell back to the opposite side.
And soon a young man who looked like another twenties or thirties entered.
He climbed over me on the limb and actively made me an oral.
I lie next to it, caressing with one hand and masturbating with the other.
In the middle of the middle, my lips grabbed my cock or pinched my nipple,
I was so sick when I was a mouse.
I thought I was a little scared to him, and, well, when I was in the morn, I thought I was going to have a tendency to dominate because I was sticking roughly into my nipple.
Hmm ... every time this guy gets rough, I'm shrinking, but now I think it's a little more exciting and strange ...

Anyway, he said that he was going to be tired soon, but he was shaking violently a few times.
And as soon as he had ejaculated, he got up from his seat and wiped himself with a towel. The person who tried to catch him, but he failed, and then he caught my cock, and I just did it.
I was going to wash (to run away) and rushed out and left my glasses and went back again.
I'm looking for a stutterer who helped me find a cell phone light.

After that, I went out to wash, and I was forced to go into the sleeping room again because of the appearance of one more muscular man between my slim body and my glasses.
But this person did not even give me an eye. Hence
Also, after taking one more water, I took one more water (I was too tired to write this) and came out in a flash.
But at that time, I was wiping my body, cleaning my body from the side.
Nice if you are usual! ! ! But at this time, I did not get a lust for two times.
However, I thought that I would have to feel the sense of discomfort and work harder to be able to brush my body beside a man who is better and more handsome (or personally liked) than me.

So far, the middle-aged people have not sex with each other, but always spouting and spinning around, just look at the way you go out,
Today, sexy twenties are coming to understand that I understand a little bit.

But he refused to kiss me in the middle of the sex (I did not like kissing too much and I did not like it very much, so I felt relieved).
It does not mean that it's bad - it's more of a condition, not a compulsion to others, but people volunteered to come and serve.
It is more exciting to have a good-looking man than to touch a common man and make him or herself.
But ... I just could not help being hollowed out ...
I thought I had to make a boyfriend.


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