Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A repairman uncle

When I was a college student, the house I lived in was one of the worst.

It was the place that boasted the lowest monthly rent among the cheapest ejaculation room near the school,

The light did not come in well under the ring, and the usual smell of the sewer was so bad that I did not want to go into the house.

In the summer, it was especially worse, so I lived almost outside, went into the house at night and blindfolded it again.

In the meantime, the sink of the house had broken down and became watery.

"Ahh!" The house became soaked with water,

It is a house that I did not want to go in. I went to such a place and thought that I should move now and protested to the owner of the house.

I usually do not care about the sewer or anything like that.

I am sorry to show you the house that has become the water.

It was a hot summer afternoon,

I was naked and panty-winded, sweeping the floor with the door open wide and sweaty.

Almost all of them were brushed, a sound came out from the porch, and the owner and the uncle came in.

I had a lot of irritations, but at that time I wanted to '

Now that I think about it, I think I was just worried about mold in the house.

Anyway, the action was quick, so I was just feeling better.

"Good morning."

The repairman in the thick voice told me that he was in his forties and he was impressed, and when he was young, he was as thick as he was.

The panty-like wind kept pampering, but I was just doing what I was wearing as a sweat to clean the state.

When the master was finished, he asked me to come up and return to his house.

I have only two of you.

I was working as an uncle and I was standing alone next to the sink to show my friend what to do.
I was embarrassed and said, "I'm sweaty to clean and I like panties, I'm sorry."

He says, "What do you do with a man? I'm going to make it easy. I'll call you when I'm done. "

I put my knees on the floor and crawled almost into the cabin under the sink, and I stood there watching.

In my view, I saw only the lower body that put the upper body under the sink,

I was more surprised to watch.

The thin work clothes were old, the hips were slightly torn in one character, and the center of the buttocks was slightly visible.

What was even more surprising was that the uncle was a non-member. It was not a panties but a flesh in the gap that was torn in one character.

In addition, there was a little hairs, a large buttocks and hair around them.

I did not even know what gay was at the time,

I was surprised my heart started strangely getting excited,
I fell on my knees and grabbed my face to look more closely at my ass.
The moment he tried to see the top of the sink
In a prone position, he took down his back and pulled his buttocks all the way back.

Then my uncle's hips came right in front of my nose and I was torn even more with a small cushion that only I could hear
Then, I was really lied to the anus and the anal fur, but I was so surprised that I was sighing.

"Are you there?"

My uncle 's call made me nervous and knocked back on my knees.

My uncle's anus was stamped in my head as if it had been photographed.

I looked down at my cock for the first time, erecting my panties.

What am I ... Why is it erection? I answered with a little distance. "Yes Yes..."

"Please bring a wrench to the tool box next to you. Red handle. "

It seemed that the sink was not big enough because the size of the upper body was enough for the uncle.

I grabbed the spanner and grabbed it in my hand, naturally kneeling down again and moving as close to my ass as possible.

"Do you think it will take a long time?"

When I asked him in a nervous voice, he sighed and replied.

"I'll take it. I am completely shocked to see that I am completely shocked, I need to reinstall it, temporarily tighten it with a spanner, and come back later to replace the parts. "


I was delighted to say that it took a little while, and the cock kept strangely stiff erection.

Now I can say, 'I came out of sexuality I did not know', but at that time, I thought, 'Voyeuristic pleasure like when you steal a woman' s vagina.

I was wondering about the secret smell of this durable uncle,

I am not curious and I take my face slowly

Eventually I got my nose up to about a centimeter.

The smell of the anal anus was passed to the tip of the nose when I could not breathe.

I was so excited for a moment, I was a little bit sick of "Uh ..." and I got more strength in my cock.

My uncle seemed to hear me, and I was so excited that I felt the flow of precom in my cock.

What happens when you smell and observe while you observe it?

Sometimes I moan like a groan, and every time I give something a boost,

Strangely, I wanted to make the scene sexy, cute and dirty. I got a lot of excitement.

I thought that I was out of my mind (if I thought of it now, I would have been courageous)

I gathered my saliva at the tip of my tongue and dropped my saliva toward my uncle's anus.

My saliva slowly sagged and fell to my anus, and I was immediately asked in my anus anal fur and anus.

Fortunately, he did not seem to be able to feel it, but he turned his back again to check my saliva in front of him.

As I got more excited, I almost lost my temper. There were a lot of hair around the anus, and a lot of saliva was formed at the tip of the hair.

I gathered my saliva again and it was shed once more to my uncle's anus,

The entire buttock bone was soaked to wet. The saliva flows through the buttocks, soaking the anal

It does not seem to be covered by clothes, but it has been abundant enough to flow underneath it, the perineum and the fish.

I lost the moment and lost a little "sigh ..."

He seemed to be pausing for a while, but he continued to work.

I am afraid that I will be able to finish slowly after I have made a few more bumps.

I witnessed more of the anus and fur that had fallen into my stomach.

My cock was not able to flow Precom, so my panties were all wet and I could see the outline.

I feel like I have this kind of metamorphosis.

He came out from under the sink when he was over.

I could not run away and I put my hands on my cock

It was too full erection, and it came to the dirti. It did not have a chin to cover it with his hand.

Uncle was sweating in the face and reminiscent of his face, "Huh ~ Too hot. Haha, "he said, and said he would go.

I laughed shyly as I clung to my erect penis. "It is so powerful in the midst," he laughed.

And then I took my hand to the back to see if something was wrong and I thought "I'm dead ... I'm dead now"

He touched something backwards and said nothing.

Maybe you know it was sweaty, or you know it was torn.

Afterwards, my erection did not settle down all the while greeting the greeting and seeing the uncle turning around.

I felt like I was smiling because he was looking at me.

Even after you leave,

My uncle's anus was stamped in my head as if it had been photographed.

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