Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sleeping naked 'naked sleep' is good for health reasons

Everyone should have heard that sleeping naked is good for health. It is less uncomfortable and sleepy when sleeping because it has no clothes. It may sound like an unfounded myth, but there are actually scholars who claim the health effects of 'naked sleep'.

According to the French scholar Rayleigh, sleeping in underwear is difficult to sleep. This is because the rubber band in the underwear band tightens the back and the pelvis, which interferes with the circulation of the lower body. In the case of women, congenital lower body congestion due to panty elastic (bleeding in the tissues or tissues of the blood) may affect the uterus and ovaries, resulting in menstrual irregularities or menstrual cramps. Men are also known to tighten the testicles to prevent sperm production underwear. It is claimed that when you take off your underwear, your genitals and urinary organs are exposed to the air and your autonomic nerves are balanced and the secretion of male hormones becomes smooth. Metabolic activity is also promoted by the reaction of the urethra and the urethra to changes in the air outside.

Naked sleep can also help control your temperature. If you take off your clothes, it is easier to send out the heat left in your body than when you sleep, so you can maintain proper temperature. Professor of neuroscience at the University of Oxford, Professor Russell Foster, has published a study showing that clothing can be worn with minimal or no clothing and that body temperature can be controlled and slept.

However, some people should refrain from sleeping naked. People with sleep apnea who have a lot of sweat while sleeping can get hypothermia with sudden drop in body temperature if sweating at dawn. It is a good idea to wear underwear and nightwear to keep your body warm. People who suffer from restless legs syndrome who feel their legs slashed and worms crawl during sleep are also encouraged to wear their clothes warmly.

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