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Sometimes Love Hotel Best ... I entered the shower room where the heart-shaped bathtub which I saw in the capitalist commercial broadcasting variety show of the title was put, and Tokura did not let me easily.

Kura bended his knee and took his mouth to my penis, and I took a shower. I turned on the water, checked the temperature, and put the shower on my chest. The water flowed from the chest to the belly button, wet the hairs from the navel to the penis, and broke the groin, flowing with wave patterns on both legs. The water was drained by the blackened erect penis, and the water wetted the lips and tongue of Kura. Within a short time Kura laid his penis in his mouth. I choose to breathe for a long time.

'Kura, is not this bath so good? We bath in '

'Oh, I think it's a true love hotel here. But we only have three hours to go out.

I want to be in the bathtub for about 10 minutes. The two of you ... '

While enjoying the water in the tub, we enjoyed the soap. I was soaking my anus in the balls on his glans. He entrusted himself to me as if it were my property entirely. When I asked him to open his legs to wipe his anus well, he spread his legs. When he put his fingers in the anus, his anus weakened his strength. I turned around if I turned and fell down when I fell down. I rubbed my pussy soaped on the buttocks of Kura who fell on the bathtub. My erogenous, aggressive genitals ran wildly between his hips. When I reached the top of my thigh in the buttocks of Kura, the sound of clattering was irritating.

In the tiled shower, when the body of two men slumped by soaping hit each other, the sound of the sound of the body and the low moaning sound of the two men repeatedly echoed echoing. By the time we wanted to do this, the tub was filled with water, and we wiped off the soap and went into the tub.

When I soaked in hot tub water, another kind of low moan came out of my mouth. It was a little hot, but it was the right heat to release the whole body. The two men who entered the bathtub lifted their heads back without anybody else 's desire. At this time too, a small sighing sound came out.

As we entered the Love Hotel room, the visit was locked with the sound of two metal interlocks, and from that moment until now we have indulged each other like two horny beasts. The warmth of the water in the tub gave the gentle breathing and erect penis soft touch. It was such a soft truce moment. We touched each other's penis with their toes, tickled the anus, and we enjoyed the truce. It was the day before planting for this round.

I lie down on the bed with a large spear, and the cigarette in my mouth was sweating in my forehead. Kura, who wiped the sweat, kicks my ball. It was a slow kiss. It was a kiss that made me feel how much I love you. The kiss on the forehead or the ball sometimes feels denser than the kiss on the lips.

Kura 's second kiss turned to my lips. I had to turn off the cigarette while I was not able to catch a penalty. His second kiss was a quick kiss. The intense kiss that lips and lips touch was the real signal of sex tonight.

It was not a caress to stimulate a particular area or demonstrate a unique technique, but Cura's caress fits me well. It excited me. His caresses contained the authenticity of something. His expression, which sucked my penis deeply, flourished with infinite fullness, and when I received my caress, his eyes climbed upwards with me. The groaning burst out of his mouth, which was slightly open, contained all the excitement he felt. There was no sexual gesture that old lovers showed to each other, a random groaning to induce things, and no pornography setup or directing at all in Kurura. That made me more excited.

The desire of anal sex caught me.

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Married and foreign students 3

I meet on dawn on Sunday and meet on Monday afternoon. But can this feeling be different? Moreover, the difference was a very positive dimension. Unlike the casual attire of Onkura in the gay sauna, today was the typical banker who ran as soon as he left work. I did not understand people with fetishes in military uniforms, police uniforms, uniforms, suits and other uniforms, but I first felt the feeling of the charm of a man in a suit. The clothes are full of the fragrance of a successful man who has managed himself strictly. In addition, the silhouette of the penis that is felt between suit pants is even more exciting than the outline of the penis that feels like tight jeans.

"What would you like to eat Kim? What do you like? "
"There is nothing special to cover. Except shrimp "
"Oh, do not you enjoy that delicious shrimp?"
"Yeah. Instead of eating a much better man ... "

When I saw her blushing with her face in this joke, Kura must have been a lacquer Iban, who opened her eyes to the man slowly. Thirty-two of my age, if I close to nearly 100 gauges, forty-six he must have been a wacky gay who almost scarcely crossed the gay cut line. He is a married man, who lives in a heterosocial society, lives in a lifetime as a voluntary single person, and has a relationship with same sex.

Meanwhile, he seemed like a teenage boy reacting to light touch. Sitting side by side in a Japanese-style house, where grilled fish was main, we enjoyed foreplay until we had a dish. It started with my note paper graffiti.

'I want to have sex fast'

Kura smiled and grinned

'Kim Sang Ji wants to suck ...'

'Is it erected?'

Even before handing the note, my eyes saw the claws of Kura that had been pushed all the way to the left of the suit pants. I saw my memo. Kura nodded with a smile. The look was more serious than anything else, and it was like being in a straightforward expression. I looked around and took my hand to his penis. Then, the erect penis continued to clench several times. Suddenly there was a response and my position was not changed, it was uncomfortably swollen.

We had a well done Japanese dinner, but we hardly had a conversation. We were already thinking after the meal. It was the moment when appetite had fallen before sexual desire. I asked Kura about the propensity, and when Kura did not understand the question well, he said that he could do what I wanted. I knew for the first time that eating time could feel so long.

Unlike the usual Japanese love hotel, which can not be entered by men, the love hotel nuts at the second floor smile as if a male guest is familiar. We paid the money and we got to the third floor room. Close the door and lock the door. The door was locked with the sound of metal interlocking. No matter who we are, we started kissing. A deep and deep kiss of full affection continued unceasingly. We stripped each other's clothes into the room, and from the entrance to the bed were disturbed by our matched clothes. I was the first to lie in bed. Kura was overlaid on my back. We shared a deep kiss. It was a fierce kiss, but the two of us were so excited that we could not be filled with kisses.

When I got out of bed, Kura suddenly began sucking my penis deeply. His face was already reminiscent of red.

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Married and foreign students 2

It is not unusual to go to a Japanese gay bar as an international student. Most of the time, it takes quite a lot of time and money to get treated as a guest in the gay bar of Shinjuku Nichome, where many of you are regular customers. I was the only gay bar owner to find out that I was the only one who came to Japan for the first time in my life and visited Ezra 's small gay bar, Ezra' s master like a year - round event. He was different from other people in his care and encouragement.

The day I met Cura was the day I drank alcohol in Ezra. A small bar that could sit for ten more or fewer seats was empty along the day. I believe that it is included in the price of a drink to see the good visitor of the water, and it was a little money for me. I do not have a guest who does not have a good owner. I do not have a guest. I have come to my house, but today I can drink until I want to drink it. I will not accept the price for drinking. Drink without a circle. At the moment, many thoughts crossed. I do not know how to interpret favors that are rarely found in the Japanese ...

Will you be sitting with me until the door closes and eventually do it with me?
Do not you think that you are letting the drink go for a drink?
I do not have money when I was young. Do you remember drinking alcohol?

When I woke up with the thoughts that had come up in a matter of seconds, I had already been drinking alcohol. I was so sick that I drank a drink at a speed that I could not see. The thoughts became simple, the world became calm, the heart became delirious, and the president of Ezra seemed to be decisive. It was time to stand up. I think I thought that it was time for me to go out to the bar while being applauded just now. No matter how much alcohol I have, I've got my own.

I do not know why the president of Ezra, who catches me for a long time, says, "Why are you drinking more?" But I was so drunk that I came out on Nichome street, and there was a yellow sign on the sauna calling me like a red light. Someone seemed to open their mouths, hung their asses, or waited for me to shake the penis. Obviously, the imagination was an intoxicated person ...

When I asked the name at the sauna counter, I can not remember why I answered Nakata, Misty Sauna, Eating in the shower booth, Mustache, Beard or Mustache. I remember remembering that somebody had made me nervous and that I was going to be ejaculating that I had to put my penis in my chest and that I had done the oral thing after my ejaculation. My glans was felt in his hot spit in a warm shower.

I lie in the sleeping room after I had finished drinking alcohol. When I lay down for a very short time, my mind had to go out and sleep. Then, at first glance, I woke up to warmth and I met Kurura. I can not tell if Kurra's Oreal has caused me to erupt, but ... Kura woke me up in the sauna room at dawn on dawn Sunday, so on Sunday afternoon, I literally woke me up. You can see it on Monday.

I thought of one thing as the cigarette in my mouth was burning precisely. I had sex with him. I wanted a body of a married man like a young man who wants me to have a home. Strangely enough, my belief was that married married men would have more masculinity than gay men who did not marry. It is a faith without grounds like the fortune of today ... While I was in the doctoral program, I was able to have my time at the desired time,

On Monday evening, I was waiting for Kura at Kinokuniya Bookstore, which is also the face of Shinjuku. If he does not have the experience of anal sex, then he will lead me to the bottom. I thought that until now, his tongue tilted slightly and the ball felt a little warm. . It was at that time that I was pleased to see my name.